Uniforms (Words and Music by Brian Vessa)


Intro 1


Verse 1

Just look at the people searching everywhere

For something they think they need to wear

An outfit they can fit into and feel secure

With shrink-proof fabric and a shiny lure


Verse 2

It looks so good that they take it home

And feels good callin’ it their own

A uniform that they can wear every day

Sp happy ‘cause it shows that they know the way!



(They sell) Brightly colored uniforms…

Buy one today and you’ll be OK!

Brightly colored uniforms…

Don’t delay, come sign up for the play!


Intro 2



I don’t need any new scene to belong to

The things I feel are all I need to do

I see it quite clear

They do it out of fear

And smile ear to ear while playing the fool




Verse 3

If everyone would have the guts to be alone

They’d really have something of their own

But that’s not in fashion, so the stores are full

Of neatly wrapped boxes and a bunch of bull