Shante (music by Hardinge and Strohm  Words by Strohm)


So where’s your hip hop Billy the Kid?

Is he too wild alone, with that big iron on his hip?

Did he get slower or is he still fast enough

To blow holes through a promise and leave love twitching in the dust



Shante I’m waiting

Waiting on you

But you don’t even see

This truth that you’re hating, is lying to you

You don’t have to lie to me…



Don’t get violent with the dishes

Don’t you slam them around in the sink

Your kids are nervous, they don’t ask questions

They’re afraid to feel and they don’t know what to think

Repeat Chorus



Billy’s got a scanner in his Camaro

It just chatters stuff he already knows

The horizon will tear him to pieces

He might stop, but I bet he goes


Repeat Chorus