Blow Yourself up

(Music: Mike VanVoorhees, Lyrics: D. Strohm)                                             


Look out! You’re doing self-inventory

All that means is, is that you’re wondering what

You’re doing with me

You’re counting my faults; you’re drawing me on a graph

You don’t like the way I don’t turn my cheek, yet, I won’t fight back

You’re pounding on me like a piñata, when I’m a kid standing here with an empty cup…

Waiting to collect all your pieces after you’ve blown yourself up


Pilot light’s out, we’re not cooking

You think the world knows, but no one is looking

Gas man knocks but he won’t enter

He sees the sparks flyin out your eyes and he wants to survive winter

You’re pounding on me like a door that you yourself have locked and shut

You must know I’m not coming out until after you’ve blown up                                  



You count my scars from street fights, you count my scars from acne

You ain’t even seen the ones from when the Gods were throwing lightning at me

I know you’re wounded I know it’s just like you

To open fire in our house of mirrors do anything except look at you

Don’t flatter yourself, you’re not razor wire, I’ve climbed all over you and I ain’t been cut

No more words now just screaming tires…I’ll be back after you’ve blown up…