Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda is a group of three experienced musicians sharing a common vision: Rock music with a sense of urgency and dynamic feel.  The members individually have played professionally for over 35 years, and together in various formats for the last thirty.   Each has brought unique influences and styles of writing and performing to a blend of music which fans call an “eclectic cohesion”.   The material is all penned by the band members and reflects a return to the concept of lyric oriented songs with arrangements that suit the subject and feeling.


The lineup is:

Roy Hardinge (aka Noral Roy), guitar and vocals

Dan Strohm, bass and vocals

Brian Vessa, drums and vocals


A fluid and lyrical guitarist, Roy’s influences range from Clapton and Hendrix to Satriani.  His maturity and technique form the backbone of the band’s clean edge.  Dan harkens from the likes of Dylan and John Hiatt, plays driving bass, and has a most unique lyrical style.  Brian’s influences range from Gentle Giant to Jazz/Rock fusion.  His rhythmic and melodic drumming etches a deep groove for the band’s adventuresome traveling.


Hidden Agenda plays upbeat rock with interesting lyrical content.  The sound is guaranteed to move anyone who listens and provide an enjoyable time to any audience.