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                              Let’s Go Drivin (words and music Dan Strohm)
Stole a kiss at the party, copped a feel in the car
We lit a match then you really know how to light my cigar
I never ever thought I’d get sent that far
Creamation, ashes filled an empty wind
That moaned just like you round about the time you were letting me in
We were flying on love sliding in sin
Let’s go Drivin
Let’s go find a dark dead end
Let’s go drivin and park the car again
2nd vs.
Some men lick thin ice, some women suck steel
Some folks don’t do nothing but rub the filthy grease over their own wheels
Honey when you touch me I just feel
And you’re so special, you know how to keep me cool
You take the sharp edge off another bloody test in buck knife school
Your is a love that’s a love that’s true…
Chorus:              Repeat 1st vs…