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Hit and Run (words and music Roy Hardinge)
Oh...ohhh…Hit and run
Oh…ohhh…Hit and run
He just missed my car – close encounter.
Windin’ down the road 90 miles an hour.
Crazy reckless driver with an evil stare.
The way the van’s movin’ he just don’t care.
Back to mellow drivin, the van is nowhere near.
Drivin wooded road smellin’ good clean air.
Lookin up ahead I see a terrible sight.
The van’s overturned and something else ain’t quite right.
I didn’t want to see, but I had to pass by.
I really couldn’t help anyway.
The guy in the van, left a mess of a man,
And a motorcycle in the way
Runnin down the road with no place to go.
Like a raging mad dog with a man’s life in tow.
Runnin’ from the evil deed – heavy on his mind
Runnin’ from the man he can’t leave behind.