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The Footsteps ( words Dan Strohm, Music Roy Hardinge and Dan Strohm)
1st vs.
You hear the footsteps
Something does pace
Like a prisoner
Back and forth in my ribcage
And you know how hearts beat
When push comes to shove
You’ve embraced the madness
That dared to feel like love…
Chorus; We are what we are
                We are what we do
                The prisoners digging a tunnel
               Way too close to you
               Close to you…
2nd vs.
Can’t cross the deadline
Just dance in between
All that we aren’t saying
And what that silence means…
Bridge;      and whatcha gonna do when he pops up
                  Have you ever thought about it?
                  I’m sure you have
                  You’ve been down in the cellar
                  And going mad
                  And he cares…
Repeat 1st vs