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                                            Kid Stuff (words and music D. Strohm)
1st vs. I’m sorry I got in your way
I’m sure you’re tough just like you say
But whatcha tryin to prove with the silly Kid stuff?
I don’t move for no silly Kid stuff
2nd vs. I see your nervous, knuckle hand
buddy don’t jump cause you won’t land
until you’ve learned a thing or two about your silly Kid stuff
it tastes like shame as you spit blood and teeth for Kid stuff
that’s all it is
3rd vs. I’m gonna do the best I can
to act just like a grown man
and rise above your silly Kid stuff
but I ain’t that grown and you ain’t that tough to talk no Kid stuff
not to me!
not to me!
4th vs. Someday someone will open your mind
with a tire iron, skull dust flyin
and end your Kid stuff
Kid stuff
Kid stuff
Kid stuff
I’m sorry kid…