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A marriage proposal. She married him anyway


                                 Take a Chance (words and music Dan Strohm)
1st vs. I’m as cute as blood on a broken windowpane, a parachute that won’t open
as you smell your burning wings…I’m as tough as any street cause I’m man enough to cry I throw love at your feet and still you don’t know why
chorus; Take a look
              Take your time, there is something here to find
              In my heart, you’re not blind
             Take a chance on this love of mine
2nd vs. You purr like a black and white slowing down to check me out
you have frisked all of my feelings, you should know what they’re about
you’re a siren singing sweet, take these cuffs off my wrists I ain’t no
kind of thief and I don’t deserve this
3rd vs. I have been around enough to know just where I am, I was too hot to touch and too cool to understand…So I built this fort around me until there was nothing to protect, now I know what to ask for but not what to expect