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                                 Big Deal (words and music Dan Strohm)
1st vs.
My plane touched down and I kissed hot tar, collected
My teeth and found the bar
I drank with my back to the rail to stare at blond girls
And businessmen stared at their drinks I was tryin hard not to think
About anything bad cause I was back in the world…
What’s the big deal? What’s the big deal?
My big deals over and I’m gonna get some rest with my original parts
And all of this
2nd vs.
My brother finally made it and he scooped me up, bragged
About his car till I threw up
He said “Dad he’s still a loser” and I blew up
Cause theres an Alamo wall, a holy place where a ghost bayonet pierced
A tourist’s face
Up on the ramparts, I was there that day.
 3rd vs.
There's a long black wall, one little name
one little dream gone up in flame oh but you don't know
for you nothings changed
Repeat 1st vs.